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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This post is going to be based on different scarf styles and what you guys think of them.
Since i started wearing a scarf, I wasn't aware that there were different styles or different ways to wear it. I just wore an under bonnet cap and wrapped the scarf around my head a few times and pinned it in place & that was that. I guess after a year i started to experiment with a different styles and over the years i think i have tried a few different styles but then i usually would stick to my signature scarf style which everyone always has.
Over the past few years a lot of  "scarf/hijab" tutorials have been on blogs/youtube etc. However i find myself coming across a lot of nasty comments on peoples blogs or YouTube accounts.
Especially when it comes to "Turban" style tutorials.
I no a lot of people will say its "haram" but then you have a lot of people having no problem with it at all.

My thoughts and opinion on this subject would be that i personally think its a beautiful thing when woman can cover their hair and & still look so beautiful. When ever i wear my scarf, whether its my normal style or updo scarf style i always try my best to cover my neck and chest area and my bottom area and thats just the way in which i feel comfortable in and that's what i prefer for myself.
On thoughts about when people on blogs or YouTube do different styles and maybe their neck or chest area etc is not covered i don't find that it bothers me because that's the way they want to do their scarf and if i liked that scarf style i then adapt it to my liking where i feel comfortable in wearing it.
And what i always try to remind myself, is what ever other people want to do let them do it because i wouldn't like it if someone was constantly on my blog posting comments telling me i'm haram or i'm going to hell everyday just because i wore my hijab in a certain way or dressed a certain way & i don't think a lot of people would like it either.

I understand people have their Islamic views and quotes, but i think some people can take it a bit to far when they advise people but don't do anything themselves & the issue with this is that we will never no what these "religious keyboard warriors" do in their everyday life but what if we did no each others sins and bad deeds would we still cuss and tear each other down because i don't think we would.

I want to know your guys's opinion and thoughts on this matter with hijab/scarf styles because every ones thoughts and opinions are very different and i don't want it to turn into a religious debate please,  i just want to no what other people think of this topic.
So tell me what your opinions are in the comments below.
Thank you xXx

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  1. These people who say all these negative things about the "turban" style are 100% correct. That doesn't mean to say they're going about righting people in the proper way though.

    To back up what I'm saying, first up, you're forgetting the reason WHY we wear hijab. Why did Allah tell us to wear hijab? To cover up our beauty. Anything about a woman can be attractive to a man, even a hand or a neck which is why we're told to cover up properly ie. wear a loose fitting abaya or clothing. There is no point in wearing a headscarf if you aren't going to conform to that rule because it has no meaning then. All it is is a piece of cloth if you're not going to fulfil the reason behind it.

    But then again, when it comes down to it, our attitude is also a part of hijab. We can act provocative and flirty and that will technically "null" our hijab or we can act modestly which is how a muslim woman is supposed to act.

    Hijab encompasses your whole being. It's not just a headscarf which is why in a sense these people who are saying so and so will go to hell for not covering their neck, etc. may be wrong. Because, if you're not ashamed to show your neck, that just proves that your not fully a "hijabi", you're not completely modest, you're not fulfilling Allah's wishes 100%. So in that case, uncovering their neck isn't the reason why they may or may not go to hell, it's the fact that they're doing something which goes AGAINST Allah's wishes.

    That being said, the way in which these people comment can also be considered "haraam". They are degrading others in public. And not only that but the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “He, who relieves a hardship of this Dunya (world) for a believer, Allah will relieve (from him) a hardship of the Day of Resurrection; he who makes easy an indebted person, Allah will make it easy for him in the Dunya and the Hereafter; he who covers a Muslim (meaning his mistakes and shortcomings), Allah will cover him in the Dunya and the Hereafter …” [Muslim].
    So what they're essentially doing is going against what the Prophet (peace be upon him) told them.


    1. Thanks for commenting and giving your thoughts about this subject.
      I understand certain points you have made and where your coming from. But i also feel that when people talk about "hijabis" and "turban" wrap scarfs or an updo scarf style and they say nasty things to them;
      what about this for an example the "hijabis" who wear a full face of makeup outside everyday but wear just a normal scarf style just wrapped around their head now would that still be ok? Do you kind of get what im trying to say?
      I just feel there is a lot of tick for tack. I feel like in our society we all like to pick at each others flaws. Instead of trying to see the good in someone we all are quick to judge and point the finger and i just think its a really sad thing because we all do it. And i find sometimes we all need to judge ourselves and flaws before quickly pointing the finger and that goes for both sides of people (the people who do blogs/youtube & the people who watch/comment them) because like every Muslim will say "God will judge us" & we will all go to our own grave. So everything we say and do whether good or bad God knows what our real intentions are and what is in our hearts so i do think everyone should try to better themselves and just try and be nice because i just feel nowadays people find it so hard to be nice to one another i just don't understand at times. xXx

  2. Really interesting read. I tend to go for a combination of 'full' hijab and turban styles. If I wear a turban style then I wear a ninja scarf to cover my neck or an extra scarf. In that way, I consider the turban just as hijab as the 'traditional' style. I wear it in Summer because I get so hot, having a ninja isn't as hot.

    I think it depends on intention really. If you try to cover as best you can then it's fine. Turban styles were really useful for me as I was transitioning actually. It's difficult to go to a fully-fledged hijab style. It also depends on culture and what's deemed ok where you live.

    very glad I found your blog. Sarita

    1. Thank you for commenting. I do agree with the what you have said about the intention of the person and as long as you do try to cover up as best as you can that is also an important aspect even if you are wearing a "turban" or full style hijab.

    2. I just started wearing a hijab.... I find the turban style easier for me when I'm at work. I have always dressed conservatively... Islam for me always draws back to your intentions...belief. Also in Islam we are not suppose to judge one another....it's not our job. We should be congratulating Sisters that wear the hijab, turban etc. It's unfortunate the way people judge. Hijab=modesty=simplicity=submission.

  3. There are many different types of hijab style and wanna say that every hijab styles has its own features but the term is same that is all about covering body.

    1. Thank your for commenting and yes there are many different types of hijab style and i do agree with you when you say the term is to still cover your body. And for me i do feel that what ever hijab style you do, you should always try your best to cover your body.

  4. I personally think that if someone wants to wear differnt scarf styles then that is fine beacuse it is a beautiful thing to wear it in the first place. Mashallah

    check my blog out hun and follow if u like. I really enjoyed reading yours


    1. Thank you for commenting. Wearing hijab in the first place is a beautiful thing MashaAllah. I am glad you pointed that out as sometimes we forget that for someone women/girls out their it can be a struggle for them to keep their hijab on due to circumstances that we do not know about so to want to wear it in the first place is beautiful MashaAllah.

  5. i'm still young and learning. Not every Muslim is perfect but at the end of the day we should all strive to learn more and be open minded about what our religion teaches us. The Hijab is there to cover up your beauty, to make you look modest and to cover up your 'assets'. Now that does not in any way mean when we wear the hijab we should feel ugly. Wearing a hijab should make you feel inner beauty as well as outward modesty. So yes, hijab styles are great in my opinion as it allows us women to feel pride and modest beauty when we wear it, but it becomes a problem when you go against your intentions.

    'Islam is perfect. Muslims are not.'


    1. Thank you for commenting. Yes you are right not every muslim is perfect and we should always try our best to learn more about what Islam teaches us. I agree with what you have said about wearing hijab and how it can become a problem when you go against your intentions. Also we judge people so quickly but we need to remember we don't no the intentions of other muslimahs wearing hijab so we should keep our negative thoughts and comments to ourselves and always remember that God already knows our intentions, we can fool others but not God.

  6. I agree with Little Miss Diamond, so I'm not going to repeat everything. But along with everything being said, another element to add to this is cyber religious bullying. I mean you would rarely hear someone telling a girl who's rocking the turban style hijab half the things that they would tell her online. It's easy to point at flaws when your identity is somewhat hidden. What I don't understand is why these people are looking at the turban style hijab tutorials in the first place if they're against it.

    1. Thank you for commenting. Cyber religious bullying seems to be very high at the moment. And you are right about people saying things online then saying it to their face. I think when peoples identity's are hidden they feel more secure with saying these nasty comments, but they forget that God is watching them and knows their intentions. Also usually people with blogs or websites or YouTube channels, they all show their email address if people need to get into contact with them, so if they feel the need to address a situation with someone they should do so privately.

  7. Little Miss Diamond is spot on.

    Styling your hijaab just to fulfill your fashionable desires undermines it's very purpose of the hijab therefore going against the very Sunnah of the Prophet - meaning the WAY he taught his companions (RA) to teach their womenfolke.

    All the garbage you see on YouTube with the sisters and their tutorials is undoubtedly haram.

    1. I understand where you are coming from & agreeing with Little Miss Diamond, but sometimes i think as Muslims we are so quick to judge and point the finger at a sister and say everything she does or what she is wearing is haram.
      We also forget that we don't no the intentions of one another. There was a story i read about a man complaining about the way some muslim women dress & the Imaam i think or scholar im not too sure replied that the womans only flaw may be on show but her relationship with God maybe be more than yours, and you may have 50 faults that God has hidden from others seeing but your relationship with God maybe not as much as hers.
      So basically we all shouldn't judge each other with anything because at the end of the day only God will judge.
      So instead of throwing nasty comments at people we should maybe just read Du'a for them and try our best to try to get on with one another.

  8. Salam and hi,

    This topic is so interesting... Through my personal experience, i think, how you wear it is secondary but the intention and where you are heading to is more important. Let me explain... I am a beginner in wearing hijab (i started because being demanded by my husband after got married)... At first, he asked me to wear it completely (i need to cover everything from head to toe).. I am not used to wearing hijab before that.. I wore skirts with boots to cover my legs n short sleeves clothes... I am so used to go freehair specially the climate inmy ountry is very hot and humid.. But when i was forced to wear hijab n n to cover everthing suddenly, it made me hate wearing hijab even more... I start being rebellious and start feeling inferior in certain ways... After that, i started to disobey my husband behind his back by not wearing any hijab at all when he is not around... After i delivered my 1st baby, my husband sat down and talked to me.. He started to be more linean n gave me more space forme to change bit by bit... N bcause of that, i started to cover my head and wear long sleeves clothing even when he is not around... I did it bit by bit and did it sincerely... I did it not because my husband demanded it, but because i want to and i feel that it looks more beautiful when i cover my skin.. Now, i am still learning to wear full hijab... So, to me, maybe people who wears turban style is just like me... They are learning bit by bit n do not want to rush things... It is better to take the path in slow pace but consistently rather than going through it quick but the end of the day, you give up on it

  9. I think turban styles are 'IN' nowadays as as we get this idea from youtube, IG,social media etc personally I think we can make our hijabis look pretty but not crossing the boundary
    A lot of people wear turbans without covering their chest and neck area which I think sort of crossing the border line as it says it many hadiths,
    However I think is fine wearing it and making sure you cover your neck and to wear modest clothing by not showing your figure as much which is the standard ruling in Islam.
    I would wear one in summer or when I'm on holiday by being modest but also pretty ❤️